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Specialisation in Further Education

Specialisation in Further Education

With a shift in landscape, partially driven by the Area Review process, and with varying degrees of financial stability across the sector, we’ve asked our KPMG professionals “what is the single best survival strategy for and FE institution”, their views are quite interesting. Andy Argyle looks at how institutions should focus on specialisation in order to survive and thrive.



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Specialisation in Further Education

Diversification has led to large, often complex organisations being created with various revenue streams. Warren Buffet once said that the best investment strategy was to “put all your eggs in one basket but watch that basket very closely.” In further education however, it appears that the opposite has happened. 

In this article, Andy Argyle looks at how institutions can add most value through specialisation, focussing on what they do best to cover costs and maximise surplus for future investment.

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