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Cross-Border Deals Tracker

Cross-Border Deals Tracker

This edition of the Cross-Border Deals Tracker sees a decline in M&A investment into emerging markets but an increase in the number of M&A transactions between emerging markets in the latter half of 2015.


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M&A Matters: Cross-Border Deals

The latest deals data shows that the volume of developed market investments into emerging markets (D2E) hit a 10-year low over the second half of 2015, but emerging market deals with one another showed strong growth over the same period. Between July and December 2015, the number of D2E deals fell by 3 percent to 541, the lowest number in 10 years.

The yearly total is also the lowest in 10 years, at 1101 D2E deals, 9 percent down on 2014. The fall-off is the second period of decline, following a revival in D2E transactions during the second half of 2014. In contrast, the volume of transactions where both the acquirer and the target were in an emerging market (E2E), increased by 25 percent.

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