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After two decades working in healthcare, I have concluded there are two things the sector will never run out of: daunting challenges, and people with the expertise to overcome them.

We have created Let’s talk Healthcare to explore both. This online magazine will always acknowledge the challenges healthcare faces, but hopefully it will also inspire, encourage and offer ideas to reimagine them.

While the health system continuously faces difficulties, it is fair to say the current era is even more challenging than most. As our population ages, it is increasingly clear that our care systems are not equipped to meet the population’s needs. Integrating services is rightly presented as a solution – and so too is technology and data – but organisations are still struggling to deliver on the promise.

A changing relationship between healthcare professionals and patients also has to be negotiated. Few of us today expect to be passive recipients of care, and that means big adjustments, not least to win and retain the confidence of patients.

Part of the challenge is simply making sure the health service reflects the population it serves. It has a long way to go to become a truly diverse organisation, right up to the highest echelons of the service.

Any other sector might be overwhelmed by these complexities. But this is healthcare – a community of bright and committed people, willing to share knowledge on common problems whether that’s how to implement new care models or how to deliver more with less.

In my role at KPMG, I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside world-leading experts who are grappling with some of the biggest challenges in the field. It is my pleasure to share some of their work with you here.

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