KPMG wins at 2016 MCA awards | KPMG | UK

KPMG wins at 2016 MCA awards

KPMG wins at 2016 MCA awards

The Management Consultancies Association (MCA), the representative body for management consultancy firms in the UK, held the 2016 MCA Awards on April 21.


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MCA Awards 2016

Our Management Consulting combines deep functional experience with extensive industry knowledge to help clients address a wide range of challenges. This year, KPMG took home two awards at 2016 MCA Awards ceremony.

Nigel Slater, head of management consulting at KPMG, commented: “The MCA awards are the hallmark of quality for our industry and I am honoured to see our work recognised.  These accolades reflect the brilliant customer service delivered by my colleagues, which is at the core of KPMG. Organisations are striving to improve the way they deliver services, incorporate new technology and find better ways of working.  I believe KPMG has a leading role to play in helping businesses implement this change, deal with challenges and realise opportunities in today’s market.”

For more information on the winning and highly commended projects, please see below.

Winning projects

Category: Best Use of Thought Leadership

Project name: KPMG Nunwood – The Customer Experience Excellence Centre 

The KPMG Customer Experience Excellence Centre is a 6 year project dedicated to unlocking social and economic benefits by professionalising customer experience. In the last year we have conducted research on over 920 brands across 3 continents, based out of the UK, and drawn on executive interviews to fully map barriers and leadership enablers. Additionally, we digitized our thinking in an easy-to-access knowledge base, delivered training to hundreds of clients and members, and directly inputted Excellence Centre methods into the leadership strategies of reputable brands.


Category: Performance Improvement in the Public Sector

Project name:  Bedfordshire Police Force Quality Improvement

Programme KPMG worked with Bedfordshire Police to implement a new operating model, achieving a dramatic turnaround in performance and raising confidence.  With falling productivity and pressure on budgets, the joint team made radical changes. The way incidents were investigated was transformed, with greater ‘triage,’ more police officers in communities, a radical up-skilling programme, and a new shift policy that put the right officers in the right place at the right time. By accelerating response times, improving crime investigation outcomes and raising victim satisfaction, Bedfordshire Police is protecting the public and fighting crime more effectively, while meeting short-term financial pressures, and the threat of HMIC intervention has been lifted.

Highly commended projects

Category: Performance Improvement in the Public Sector

Project name: Transforming Rehabilitation at the Ministry of Justice 

In one of the most complex, ambitious procurement exercises undertaken by UK Government, KPMG helped usher in a new era of outsourced probation services for England and Wales. The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) wants to reduce the £13 billion annual cost of reoffending and extend probation to 45,000 additional offenders. KPMG worked with MoJ to structure the competition, the payment mechanism, attract and educate prospective bidders from private, public and third sectors, evaluate 200 bids and support bidders.


Category: Performance Improvement in the Private Sector

Project name: Allied Irish Bank Customer Services Transformation

With KPMG’s help, Allied Irish Bank’s (AIB) Customer Services Programme is making a huge difference to the quality of the customer experience, while also enthusing and motivating the workforce.  The financial crisis had cast AIB into government ownership, restricting funding and impairing confidence. KPMG’s multi-disciplined team designed and implemented new customer journeys underpinned by standardised operational processes and sustainable ways of working. We helped AIB deploy and embed multiple transformation levers to be more effective and efficient. Perhaps more importantly, we worked with employees at all levels to build momentum for genuine and sustainable cultural change. The result is higher productivity and a reduction in costs, helping AIB to optimise performance ahead of a likely IPO, and restoring consumer trust.

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