KPMG Solvency II Vantage Analytics FAQs

KPMG Solvency II Vantage Analytics FAQs

Frequently asked questions on KPMG's Solvency II Vantage Analytics.

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What is KPMG’s Solvency II Vantage Analytics?

  • KPMG’s Solvency II Vantage Analytics aggregates participant’s quarterly and annual Solvency II XBRL files with the submissions of other insurers. From this, KPMG calculates averages, ratios and other statistics for the whole population, enabling users to meaningfully analyse and benchmark their own data.
  • The PDF report which KPMG’s Solvency II Vantage Analytics clients receive includes: a KPIs dashboard with key metrics, detailed analysis of assets liabilities and other items, benchmarking against participating insurers averages, and trend analysis as Solvency II reporting develops. See an example report.


Would you stratify the market benchmarking, for example between life and general insurance?

We will provide metrics that will show splits between life and general insurance business. In future, we may further stratify, for example, by country and by type of insurer.

Do you distinguish between solo and group entities?

For group entities the benchmarking will be against the whole population, in future we might benchmark just against other groups.

Will KPMG provide commentary on our results?

We will not provide any commentary on the results of the analytics as part of this service. However, if you would like to discuss your results with us, we may contract with you separately to provide further analysis and interpretation.

Which companies participate in this service?

The service is open to all UK insurance companies and groups. We will consider expanding to other countries in future. We do not reveal any names or company-specific information. We will only share information about the number of companies included in the benchmark population.

Data security

How can I be sure that the data I submit is secure?

Our data security policy complies with ISO 27001 standard, which specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management systems.


How much will the service cost?

An annual subscription comprising four quarterly reports and one annual report will cost £5,000 + VAT for 2016

In the case of groups, you would pay for each entity included and, if you wish, for your group as a whole. For example, for a group with three regulated insurers, the price for your annual subscription would be £20 000 (£5,000 for the group and £5,000 for each of the three insurance entities). Of course, if you would only like the report for one insurer, the price would be £5,000 per annum.

How does the free trial period work?

For the first hundred expressions of interest we are offering the first quarter’s report free of charge. The offer will apply to one insurance company per group only.

What if I would like to subscribe half-way through the year?

It is possible to subscribe at any time. The price will cover the next four quarterly reports and one annual report.

Do you offer any tailored reports?

We do not provide reports tailored to each individual subscriber as part of this service. However, we may consider adding this feature in future.

Can I request a printed copy?

The report is available in an electronic PDF version only. However, it will be printable and editable for your needs.

How do we contract with you for this service?

The service is offered only through our standard contract terms, which will be shared with you if you decide to take up the service.

You will be required to sign the contract with us each year on the payment of the annual fee.


When will we receive the report?

We will aim to send you the free report within one month from the end of KPMG’s Solvency II Vantage Analytics submission period specified below:


Submission dates 


Solo entities:

Q1 2016 EIOPA submission date: 26 May 2016

Q1 2016 KPMG submission deadline: 9 June 2016

Q1 2016 report available: 7 July 2016



Q1 2016 EIOPA submission date: 7 July 2016

Q1 2016 KPMG submission deadline: 21 July 2016

Q1 2016 report available: 4 August 2016


Who do I speak to if I want to know more?

Please contact us at

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