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New Foundations – the future of UK real estate

New Foundations – the future of UK real estate

Looking forward to the future of the industry, KPMG’s real estate leadership team were posed the question: how will the UK real estate sector look in 20 years’ time?



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In the next 20 years the needs of the individual will take priority as the way we interact with our built environment is revolutionised by technology. Both owners and occupiers will want very different things in 2036 – and greater connectivity will give them the power to make those demands.


This report considers the driving factors behind how the real estate sector will look in 20 years’ time and the possible impacts this will have on the built landscape of the UK.



  • Andy Pyle, UK Head of Real Estate, considers the changing risk/return profile of property in the UK
  • Bill Holland, Partner in Real Estate Audit, predicts that large-scale private rental will become more appealing to young people’s lifestyles
  • Douglas Marvin, Director of Real Estate Valuations, looks at the use of data to drive ever more efficient use of space by landlords
  • Tudor Aw, Head of Technology, discusses the entrance of new, disruptive and technologically advanced players to the market

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