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Budget 2016: News releases

Budget 2016: News releases

Read all our news coverage on the Chancellor's 2016 Budget statement.


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Budget 2016: BEPS – Chancellor signals the UK will be an early adopter of the OECD’s recommendations 

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Budget 2016: Budget confirms non-doms can rebase assets

Budget 2016: Town centre regeneration hidden gem of the Budget

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Budget 2016: Devolution and mayoral model in non-metropolitan areas is a ‘huge revolution’ for English governance

Budget 2016: Non-doms await further news on inheritance tax

Budget 2016: The Budget for entrepreneurs

Budget 2016: Full retention of business rates for London will help cement its world class position

Budget 2016: Reducing the burden for small digital entrepreneurs

Budget 2016: Inaction not an option for Chancellor as battle against revenue leakage comes to off-payroll workers

Budget 2016: Today’s Budget brings more bad news for Banks

Budget 2016: Allowances for micro-entrepreneurs disappoint hoteliers

Budget 2016: Infrastructure commitment is promising, but more must be done to address North/South divide

Budget 2016: A mezze of measures tackling avoidance

Budget 2016: Chancellor dodges airport capacity issue

Budget 2016: No mention of the NHS deficit, but sugar and public sector pensions get a look in

Budget 2016: No immediate influx of houses onto the market

Budget 2016: Changes to inheritance tax could affect families who live in buildings of historic importance

Budget 2016: Osborne rewards workers

Budget 2016: Property market reeling after stamp duty changes

Budget 2016: Reform of business rates an Easter sweetener for UK’s SMEs

Budget 2016: VAT - online marketplaces must now police traders

Budget 2016: North Sea thrown a billion pound lifeline

Budget 2016: Careful consultation needed on implementation of interest relief changes

Budget 2016: IPT rise seems small but could have a big impact

Budget 2016: KPMG Welcomes Connected Vehicle Reform

Budget 2016: Investors benefit from Capital Gains Tax relief

Budget 2016: Pro-enterprise Budget "just in time"

Budget 2016: Chancellor grabs at low-hanging fruit with National Insurance changes

Budget 2016: New stamp duty rules create more losers than winners

Budget 2016: For the butcher, baker and kitchen table entrepreneur

Budget 2016: Osborne continues to woo entrepreneurs

Budget 2016: Chancellor shows his hand on the future of pensions

Budget 2016: Companies need to consider costly implications of changes to tax on loans

Budget 2016: Reason for cheer for UK pubs and restaurants

Budget 2016: Tax measures to make the UK more competitive

Budget 2016: Infrastructure announcements will boost international property investment

Budget 2016: Education one of the biggest opportunities to strengthen economic prosperity

Will niche taxes be focus for the Chancellor?

Budget 2016

Budget 2016

Expert insight and analysis of the Chancellor's 2016 Budget Statement.

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