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KPMG Slant

In today’s world, information is everywhere. SLANT tackles different issues, offers diverse insights and aims to spark ideas and actions.


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KPMG Slant


In today’s business world, information is everywhere yet perspective remains elusive. SLANT can help. Each themed edition tackles a different issue, offering diverse insights that can spark ideas, actions and innovations.

We have looked at three very different topics, the full reports on each can be downloaded below


The conversations that each has stirred up has reinforced the very point of SLANT; in that opinion, insight and debate can be what bring clarity to an otherwise confusing landscape.


One single collection of opinion pieces and essays may struggle to do justice to the full depth of these topics however. For that reason, we took a second look at the FUTURE OF WORK, with some of our original contributors expanding on the arguments they gave previously.

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