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2014/15 Composite payments

2014/15 Composite payments

Employers should ensure that any composite payments for 2014/15 reach HMRC by 31 January.


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Composite payment arrangements allow those employers paying tax on behalf of expatriate employees to make a single payment, rather than a separate payment for each employee. The deadline for payments in respect of 2014/15 is 31 January 2016, but (as a reminder) it is important that employers making a composite payment ensure that the supporting spreadsheet – which shows how the payment is to be allocated – has been submitted to HMRC at least five days before making payment. Any employers who have yet to submit their spreadsheets should, therefore, ensure that this is done as a matter of priority.

As we have previously mentioned, HMRC have not made any changes to the spreadsheets and references used for the January 2015 payments: employers should, therefore, use the same templates and references they used to make last year’s payment.

If you have any questions relating to your composite payment arrangement (or do not currently have an arrangement in place but would like to consider one), please get in touch with your usual Tax contact.

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