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The rise and rise of Organisation Effectiveness

The rise and rise of Organisation Effectiveness

Job roles for Organisation Effectiveness (OE) are increasing in number, but what is the role of the OE specialist and how should OE be approached to deliver real value to organisations?



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A quick search on LinkedIn will confirm the growing popularity of the term ‘Organisation Effectiveness’ (OE) as a job title within larger HR functions. KPMG’s own experience of working with HR Functions across multiple sectors has seen a similar increase in the use of the term. And yet, there seems a lack of consensus on what OE is, and by extension on howHeads of OE are spending their time. Prompted by one of our clients with a specific interest in defining an approachto driving OE, KPMG in the UK recently conducted research with 10 Heads of OE to find out how people were interpreting the term.


  • Three distinct sets of approaches to OE are currently being taken
  • Considerations on the focus and activities of the OE professional
  • A model of Organisation Effectiveness
  • Conclusion 

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