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Survey on Tax Uncertainty

Survey on Tax Uncertainty

The CBT and ETPF are running a survey of tax professionals around the world about uncertainty regarding the taxation of corporate profit.


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The European Tax Policy Forum (ETPF) and Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation (CBT) are jointly undertaking a survey of businesses until 12 February 2016, seeking to establish a measure of uncertainty regarding the taxation of corporate profit among tax professionals. The anonymised results of the survey will be presented at the ETPF annual conference in London in April 2016, and will be subsequently accessible on the ETPF website. They will also be used for further statistical research for the purpose of identifying the impact of uncertainty about taxation on business location and investment decisions.  Readers may be interested in completing the survey.

The survey can be accessed here.It first asks some general questions about uncertainty and then moves onto specific questions on countries where the reader has relevant experience.

As further background, the ETPF was set up in 2005 to commission independent academic research into the impact of tax policy on business in Europe. ETPF has charitable status under UK law, operating on a non-profit making basis.  Its objectives are to commission and make available to the public academic research which will inform public understanding and provide European governments and others making decisions on tax policy with independent data and research on the effects of tax policy. Full details of the ETPF’s research programme and publications can be seen here.


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