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European Real SnapShot! Autumn 2015

European Real SnapShot! Autumn 2015

The Autumn edition of KPMG’s International Real Estate round-up, European Real SnapShot!, has a special focus on infrastructure investment. The report looks at developments across key markets in the EU and also gives an overview of macro trends in Russia.


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European Real SnapShot Autumn 2015

Key highlights:

  • In the first half of 2015, €135bm of transactions were recorded in the European property investment market, the highest since the financial crises erupted in 2007.
  • The UK remains by far the most important investment market in Europe, with investments here representing nearly 35% of the entire European property market.
  • Germany, Europe’s second largest investment market, saw a striking rise in volume of transactions year-on-year (35%).
  • Russia’s economic recession has escalated in Q1 2015. The result of this and other negative political and economic factors, is a decline in retail sales.

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