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Solvency II Exposed: The impact on public disclosures

Solvency II Exposed: The impact on public disclosures

With Solvency II (SII) fast approaching and uncertainty looming, firms are looking to avoid surprising investors by carefully revealing their position. The challenge is how firms will communicate with investors once SII is live.



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16 European insurance groups, across UK, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, participated in the 2015 KPMG disclosures survey which provides further insight and builds upon our 2014 survey.

An element of unease exists about disclosing detailed SII results before official reporting begins. However, subject to the outcomes of various regulatory approvals, a number of firms do plan on disclosing high-level SII positions. 


  • Firms are considering holding special investor briefings to provide high level SII information
  • A third of firms are concerned how lower solvency ratios will impact investor confidence
  • Half of firms are apprehensive about additional balance sheet volatility
  • Increased diversity in value reporting presents a further challenge 
  • The importance of EV continues to decline 
  • Firms continue to focus on cash metrics, but there is no industry consensus for the definition.

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