A view on the economic outlook for 2016

A view on the economic outlook for 2016

UK CEOs are increasingly confident in global and upbeat about business prospects. Commenting on interest rates, lack of inflation, the Autumn Statement and global terrorism, KPMG’s economist Dan Aylward speaks to economics expert Bill Robinson about whether this confidence is well founded.




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Key highlights:

  • What are the top three economic concerns that CEOs should have on their boardroom agendas for 2016?
  • UK CEOs are increasingly confident of the growth prospects of their companies based on the prospects for the wider UK economy. Is this confidence is well founded?
  • Does the Autumn Statement change the prospects for the economy?
  • KPMG’s CEO Outlook 2015 Survey shows that UK CEOs were most interested in opportunities and investment in Western Europe, USA and Central Europe. South America, Africa and other parts of Asia were not considered priorities. Is this surprising?

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