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Shifting Employee Motivations

Shifting Employee Motivations

The days of employee motivation being based on position and pay only are behind us. Career expectations are being balanced by factors other than promotion and money. An increasing number of talented workers are being driven by a desire for new skills and experiences than by the traditional definitions of success based on salary and position.



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Shifting Employee Motivations

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Employers need to wake up to this new reality and its impact on their ability to recruit – and retain – the talent they need. What I see as the future structure of organisations, with fewer employees at the core being supported by a growing network of virtual workers, will add to this challenge.

People’s motivations vary through the different stages of their careers. Newer entrants to the job market are generally grateful for the security of a good job.

But there comes a point when these workers become more confident about their worth. Their fear of being jobless is overtaken by a realisation that they are in a stronger position to face the world. I believe that at this stage, money stops being their main motivation and they become more interested in acquiring the skills and varied experience that their employers can offer.

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