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Digital Trust and Emerging Technology Risk

Digital Trust and Emerging Technology Risk

Technology continues to revolutionise the daily lives of individuals and organisations alike. The transformational impact of mobile and digital technologies, along with changing customer demands, means organisations must take an entirely new approach towards driving value, sustaining growth and managing the changing risk environment.




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Adoption of emerging technologies

Through unprecedented levels of choice and access to vast amounts of information, individuals now play a greater role in setting the agenda for products and services. The immediacy culture that has developed from advances in telecommunications and mobile devices has created a world where individuals expect to obtain whatever they want, wherever and whenever they want it.

Organisations must re-think the customer experience, using digital and emerging technologies to provide rich, seamless experiences that build Digital Trust while managing the risks associated with the adoption of emerging technologies.

Our Digital Trust & Emerging Technology Risk practice brings together the breadth of KPMG’s capabilities - in digital strategy, customer engagement, cyber security, data analytics, risk and regulatory compliance. We help our clients develop attributes which can enable them to build Digital Trust and exploit the opportunities associated with emerging technologies.

From financial services to healthcare, a number of trends have emerged that create an entirely new trust paradigm – one where consumers trust ‘people like themselves’ rather than organisations or professions.

Get in touch with our team for more information and discover how we can help you build Digital Trust while effectively managing emerging technological risk. 

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