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Autumn Statement 2015: The role of policy making

Autumn Statement 2015: The role of policy making

It is important that before anything is implemented, it is well thought through, that the underlying intentions and objectives are clear and that new measures are then reviewed.


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Autumn Statement 2015

The impact of policy making

Ensuring that legislation is well drafted and that issues arising post-implementation are picked up quickly is key in ensuring that measures achieve stated policy aims. It also is crucial in safeguarding that taxpayers have confidence in the UK tax system and in HMRC’s ability to administer that system in practice.

In our opinion, the publication of draft Finance Bill clauses for open consultation has been both a welcome and a successful step. It allows for greater input from taxpayers and advisers before a measure becomes law, and we hope that the Government continues this practice. However, although we would encourage the Government to follow the full consultation framework wherever possible, not all measures can be published in advance in this way. Furthermore, even extensive advance consultation may not pick up practical issues (both for taxpayers and HMRC) which only become clear as new legislation takes effect.

What we would have liked to see

We would, therefore, have suggested the following changes to improve the policy making and implementation process:

  • The Office of Tax Simplification should be given a role in reviewing new law as it is made
  • MPs should engage in the wider debate about tax issues, and more space should be created for parliamentary scrutiny of the Finance Bill
  • A formal post-implementation review process for new measures, to help to ensure that they are effective and that unintended consequences are promptly addressed.

Autumn Statement 2015

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, gave his annual Autumn Statement and the 2015 Spending Review to Parliament on 25 November 2015.

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