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Illuminate: insurance regulatory newsletter


Quarterly update on hot topics, trends and milestones in the insurance regulatory space.


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Since our last edition of Illuminate, the UK has voted to leave the EU. Insurers will now need to give greater thought to what this outcome means for their business models and strategies, particularly if the exit terms do not include something akin to current passporting rights. We would encourage you to register for KPMG’s EU Referendum Forum to follow the latest information on the impacts of Brexit on insurers.

In this edition we look at just a few of the regulatory concerns for insurers, including Solvency II, EU Audit Reform and the Insurance Act 2015. Our final article discusses evolutions in the area of capital management, which as groups turn their minds to their Brexit contingency plans remains highly topical.

Illuminate – our quarterly insurance regulatory newsletter – brings you the latest news on the hot topics, trends and milestones that UK insurers may need to address.

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