Diverted Profits Tax - navigating your way

Diverted Profits Tax - navigating your way

A high level brochure setting out an overview of the DPT rules, when they may apply and frequently asked questions.





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Diverted Profits Tax - navigating your way

DPT applies differently to non-UK companies in comparison to UK companies.

For a non-UK tax resident company, DPT broadly applies where arrangements have been put in place to avoid a UK taxable presence being created. For a UK tax resident company, DPT generally applies where profits are regarded as diverted to foreign companies that are not subject to an effective tax rate of at least 80% of the UK tax rate.

Key highlights:

  • Diverted Profits Tax is a tax aimed at companies that enter into arrangements that divert profits from the UK, which was introduced in the 2014 Autumn Statement
  • The rate of tax charged on DPT is 25%
  • Profits are considered: diverted by the avoidance of a UK taxable presence of a foreign company; moving profits out of the UK through deductible expenses; or forgoing the opportunity to earn profits
  • The rules generally do not apply to small and medium sized enterprises
  • It is the company’s responsibility to notify HM Revenue & Customs they are potentially in the scope of the rules

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