KPMG at the Workday Rising Europe 2015 Conference

KPMG at the Workday Rising Europe 2015 Conference

KPMG is proud to be Gold sponsor at Workday Rising Europe 2015, to be held on 1 to 4 December at the Concention Centre in Dublin.



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KPMG at the Workday Rising Europe 2015 Conference

The Convention Centre, Dublin

1 - 4 December 2015

This conference, held for the second time in Europe, is focussed on cloud computing and business applications across HR, IT, and Finance.

The Workday community represents global organisations from a variety of industries, including financial services, healthcare, life sciences, education and government, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and technology. A majority of Workday’s customers attend this annual conference, an excellent event for the educational and networking value it offers. 

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Head in the clouds or time to be different?

A genuine opportunity exists to create a differentiated and new approach for the HR function, one that is a demonstrable value driver for business – but it will require significant effort. 

Download Head in the clouds or time to be different?(PDF 1.13 MB)

Designing next Generation HR

How to differentiate your HR architecture to drive real business value. 

Download Designing next Generation HR(PDF 7.3 MB)

HR as a driver for organisational innovation

Contrary to popular perception, an organisation's success does not appear to be determined by company's R&D spending 

Read the full report (KPMG Global)

Workforce Analytics

Most HR teams understand the potential value to HR analytics yet they continue to offer only generic and basic operational and transactional measurements 

Download People are the real numbers (PDF 666 KB)

Have you looked at Finance & Accounting in the Cloud?

The SaaS model addresses some of the challenges with today's financial systems, specifically, their lack of agility and dependence on back-office IT for basic or complex changes. 

Read the full report (KPMG Institutes)

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