The future of the car

The future of the car

How connected and autonomous vehicles will transform the way we drive.

How connected and autonomous vehicles will transform the way we drive.

Rapid advances in technology are connecting more and more cars with the road and with the vehicles around us. Driverless vehicles are not far behind them in the rear-view mirror. 

The future of the car offers a series of opinions from KPMG experts, addressing what is arguably the greatest change to the automobile sector since Ford’s first Model T was delivered.

We ask how this next generation of vehicles will benefit drivers and wider society. We look at who will win and who will lose the race to build the car of the future, and we examine the obstacles that must be overcome to make the promise of a driverless future a reality.

Each week, KPMG will be publishing fresh commentaries. We begin this week with a look at how society is set to gain from the development of connected and autonomous cars.

What are connected vehicles versus autonomous vehicles?

  • Connected vehicles:

Already on our roads, these are vehicles that can sense other road users and the road itself. They may also be connected to the internet, for example, with telematic devices that allow insurers to monitor how a car is being driven. Advances in connectivity mean more and more every-day driving decisions are passing from human to machine.

  • Autonomous vehicles:

Also known as driverless or self-driving cars, autonomous vehicles rely entirely on sensors and global positioning systems to provide feedback to an on-board computer that then controls the vehicle’s operation without human intervention.

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