NHS Hospital Collaboration: Do it, don't do it or fake it?

Do it, don't do it or fake it?

Over the years NHS organisations have become ever more autonomous. Many have discovered new and innovative ways of working and an entrepreneurial approach that has improved services for patients.


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However, there is a growing perception that the benefits of this approach may now be eclipsed by the potential gains from increased collaboration between NHS organisations.

The way healthcare providers go about collaboration will determine their success. They can either embrace collaboration, continue to go it alone, or agree to collaborate but in name only – in other words: do it, don’t it, or fake it.

Key highlights:

  • We never hear about successful mergers
  • Let service drive structure
  • An organisation-wide commitment to embrace change is paramount
  • NHS trusts should focus on the reasons for collaboration
  • NHS practice must be standardised for collaboration to work 

This publication builds on our recent Hospital Collaboration report in the NHS. Sharing our views to uncover the myths surrounding mergers within the NHS, challenging and debating why some mergers fail, whether change should be imposed from the top or led by front-line staff and what model of collaboration yields the best results.

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