Nutraceuticals: The future of intelligent food

The future of intelligent food

The nutraceuticals market is predicted to be worth $250 billion by 2018; how can food and pharma companies act now to secure a slice of success?



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Nutraceuticals: The future of intelligent food

The global nutraceuticals market is predicted to be worth $250 billion by 2018 as a result of increased uptake by health savvy consumers. Our report, Nutraceuticals: The future of intelligent food, delves into some of the challenges and opportunities facing both food and pharmaceutical companies. It also explores the six main areas companies must excel in if they want to succeed in this growing market.

Key insights:

  • Nutraceuticals are set to play a central role in preventative healthcare with manufacturers becoming part of patient care pathways
  • Future superfoods could potentially tackle the underlying causes of conditions, such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease, by linking diet to the human genome
  • Food companies have a greater understanding of nutrition, food formulation and decades of consumer research to support growth in this area, but lack the scientific resources to achieve game-changing breakthroughs
  • The pharmaceutical industry has strong research capabilities and stakeholder relationships, however the typical organisational structure may struggle to adapt to the fast pace of the Nutraceuticals market - and have limited knowledge of the consumer compared to food companies
  • Successful companies will have to hit the bulls-eye in six main areas: technology, product strategy, compliance, marketing, supply chain management and corporate deal making

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