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Enhance your performance

Enhance your performance

Data and analytics is helping leading organisations become more efficient.

Data and analytics is helping leading organisations become more efficient.

Every company wants to improve and sustain business performance. Few have the right insights or confidence in their data to make reliable decisions. We recognise the critical role that data and analytics can play, from reducing the cost of systems, processes and labour through to optimising performance and integrating new technologies.

We believe that D&A’s greatest value over the next decade will come from the efficiencies and productivity it unlocks. KPMG is investing in skills, capabilities and approaches designed to deliver on that value.


How is KPMG using D&A to help organisations maximise employee performance?

Nobody wants to lose their brightest stars and key talent. So when a leading UK utility provider realised that up to 60 percent of its engineers were due to retire over the next 10 years, they knew they needed to act quickly. But first, they knew they would need the data and the insights to make smart decisions.

Recognising the scale of their challenge, the organisation engaged KPMG. They wanted an advisor who could combine deep HR experience with innovative data science to deliver valuable business insights. They wanted to develop a clear understanding of their recruitment and talent development options; to assess the optimal contractor mix for today and the future; and identify opportunities to address risks for the organisation.

Following consultations with key HR and business stakeholders, the KPMG team set about collecting, cleansing and analysing the organisation’s HR and performance data. They then used the data to uncover key insights such as which groups of employees were driving the greatest performance, which were most likely to become future leaders and which were best at engaging with customers.

With these insights, the organisation was then able to adjust their talent sourcing strategy to address the employee mix and talent sourcing risk. A plan was put in place to retain the most valuable talent and address the talent shortages in the immediate term, all while implementing a more strategic talent sourcing plan.

The project delivered significant benefits for the utility. Not only did it result in a clear plan on how to address a critical workforce risk, but KPMG was also able to identify almost £12 million in annual financial benefits that would flow from their sourcing strategy, delivering long-term benefits to the organisation.

KPMG’s global network of professionals understands how to drive value from the relationship between data and productivity.

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