UK Banks Performance Benchmarking Report

UK Banks Performance Benchmarking Report

After seven years of turmoil, the banking sector can finally shift focus from cleaning up the debris caused by the financial crisis and start making steps towards delivering sustainable growth and profitability. Richard McCarthy sets out a new direction for banking in the future.


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UK Banks Performance

Banking is at a crossroads. The direction banks take in the next few years will determine their long-term future. Recovery and remediation are making way for growth and profitability.

The vital next step for UK banking is conceptual change. New entrants to the market are bringing fresh, exciting and agile solutions to core banking challenges. They’re building business models from scratch without the burden of legacy processes or infrastructure.

That’s not to say the UK banking sector isn’t also in a period of renewal. Innovation aside, there is acceptance of change in a bid to redefine a 'new normal'. This positivity is appropriate – even after a long period of remediation - despite the fact that huge risks remain and that there are major obstacles to overcome. We see three broad themes to this renewal:

  • A new embedded culture and approach to doing buiness
  • A transformed delivery capability
  • Modern and flexible technologies underpinning growth.

Our latest benchmarking report offers our points of view on these themes. We can already see banks making a clear and public commitment in many of these areas.  Those that adopt clear strategies in all of them will be particularly well placed to be a bank in the future.

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