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Our latest Tech Monitor UK report shows the UK tech sector is effectively a ‘game of two halves’.



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Tech Monitor UK November 2014

Our latest Tech Monitor UK represents the third year that we have been tracking the state of the UK Tech community. Covering key questions on the level of business activity, profitability, employment growth rates, and business confidence, as well as monitoring where tech clusters are in the UK.

The number of tech-related enterprises in the UK private sector has risen by 31 per cent since 2010. This represents a net gain of approximately 45,000 enterprises over a five year period, or one additional tech sector enterprise every hour of the day for the past five years.

Reading remains the number one tech cluster in the UK

Top tech sector enterprise clusters in 2015: (% of tech enterprises out of all businesses in the area)

1) Reading 22%

2) Wokingham 21%

3) Slough 19%

4) Hounslow 18%

5) Milton Keynes 17%

The M4 corridor hosts three of the top five tech clusters in the country, however we reveal that regions across the UK are generating growth through the tech sector. 

Key points from the Q3 2015 data:


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