The 10% profit opportunity

The 10% profit opportunity

KPMG pricing expert Robert Browne explains how companies can address problems related to pricing, mainly through investment in pricing processes, tools, training and data.


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The Ten Percent Profit Opportunity

Why pricing should be at the top of the board agenda

Pricing has a surprisingly low profile in UK boardrooms. Most companies think of pricing as a tactical lever and, as a result, have under-invested in pricing capabilities historically.

In this new report, KPMG pricing expert Robert Browne explains how too many companies:

  • use pricing purely to drive sales volume without understanding the impact on profitability
  • have poor pricing discipline with responsibility for pricing decisions not always with the right functions and individuals
  • lack the necessary data to make informed pricing decisions and frequently use intuition as opposed to data 

All these problems can be addressed through focused investment in pricing processes, tools, training and data. The potential rewards are attractive. In our recent research, 40 percent of businesses claimed the right investment could generate at least 10 percent extra profit. 

This report is packed with information, data and questions you can use to develop your pricing strategy. If you’d like to discuss the potential benefits for your business, please feel free to contact Robert Browne.

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