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Forensic Expert Witnesses and Independent Expert Determiners

Forensic Expert Witnesses and Independent Expert...

Our forensic team have a wealth of experience providing expert accounting, technology, investigation and other assistance to clients.



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We can assist with a wide range disputes whether arbitration, mediation or litigation. Our expert witnesses are supported by the wider KPMG Forensic team who assist with report drafting and court preparation in order to provide a team of professionals which meets the needs of you or your clients.

A snapshot of our experience:

We led an investigation into the collapse of a hedge fund, and assisted our client to value various financial instruments. Our work, including analysis of significant complex financial data, helped to provide our client with a clearer understanding of their position in relation to the collapse.

Nicholas Good

Nicholas is a partner in KPMG’s Forensic practice. He has specialised in dispute resolution work for over 15 years, principally in calculating loss of value, in relation to both financial services and non-financial services companies. He has acted as an expert witness on many occasions.

Nicholas has recently led assignments in relation to the quantification of losses relating to fraudulent activity by investment managers in respect of hedge funds and funds of funds as well as considering the applicability of trigger events in CDS contracts.

Jonathan Lovell

Jonathan is a partner in KPMG’s Financial Services Forensic practice assisting clients respond to incidents of fraud and misconduct, as well as to mitigate fraud and compliance risks and resolve commercial disputes and contentious regulatory issues.

Jonathan’s contentious regulatory experience includes assisting financial sector clients and/or regulators in resolving a range of issues e.g. in relation to AML/sanctions compliance, financial product mis-selling and resolving data loss incidents.  He has presented KPMG findings to regulatory authorities both in the UK and US (including US Department of Justice).

Jonathan acted as an expert witness on a number of occasions.

Paul Tombleson

Paul is a partner and Global Head of KPMG’s Forensic Technology practice.  He has successfully led some 100 forensic technology engagements many of which were within the financial services sector.

Paul recently led a team of professionals on a rogue trader investigation at a major financial institution on behalf of the FSA and the FINMA.  He also led an investigation into LIBOR setting for a major European bank.

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