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In a sector driven by fast-growth, the emergence of non-traditional competitors and markets challenges established technology business models.

Helping you address the emergence of non-traditional competitors.

The £1.65bn Opportunity

Our survey revealed a customer base with low trust in service providers.

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There are several key challenges facing the IT industry. How does your business adapt to customer demand for cloud and solution-based offerings? Is your sales force up to this challenge? Has the recent spotlight on tax legislation effected your reputation or front-end sales? And can your organisation adapt when diversity is becoming ever more crucial – especially on the biggest tenders?  

At KPMG, we offer a range of solutions specifically tailored to your business – from large multinationals through to SMEs – to help with these issues. Partnering with large organisations, we can increase the diversity in a supply base, while also providing vital solution-selling capability. We also work with smaller companies, providing world-class accounting software at affordable rates.

As an IT consulting firm, we not only provide dedicated accounting services, we also offer a range of specialist solutions. These include sales force optimisation, software license reviews, customer experience solutions and app development. We are also investing in a number of key areas (strategic growth initiatives or SGI’s) to help your business. These include Cyber Security, Technology Enabled Business, Data and Analytics, Digital Business and Enterprise services.

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