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Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

KPMG’s Industrial Manufacturing practice focuses on the Automotive, Aerospace and Defence, Engineering and Industrial Products, and Metals industries.

Take advantage of manufacturing’s growth potential and overcome organisation’s challenges.

KPMG International’s 2016 Global Manufacturing Outlook

How leading manufacturers drive growth, improve efficiency and encourage innovation.

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Timelines are shrinking and lead times from concept to commercialisation are dropping dramatically. To remain competitive in today’s technology-driven manufacturing environment, innovation is the key.

The UK is a leader in manufacturing innovation. However, greater competition for talent could limit manufacturers’ abilities to evolve, grow and adopt new technologies. More apprenticeships are being created, but more still must be done to encourage young people to become engineers. Staff retention is also an increasing challenge, while recruitment of smart and innovative people is vital.

At KPMG, our team of consultants has worked with manufacturers for many years, bringing insight and experience to every project.

Our services will address your organisation’s big issues and market priorities. These could include business model transformation, supply chain and distribution solutions, improving operational efficiencies or enterprise risk management. We offer proactive, forward-thinking solutions that will help you take advantage of the manufacturing sector’s growth potential and overcome major industry challenges.

For more information about how we can help your business, contact our team of specialists today.


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