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How do we reimagine services so they are focused on the person?

How do we reimagine services so they are focused on the person?

The public’s demand for ever better public services continues with no easing of the pressure on the bottom line. At the same time those services need to change, becoming less centralised and moving online. Senior decision makers are keen to reimagine the way they work. This might mean zero-based budgeting, or it might mean starting with a blank sheet of paper and thinking about how services could be different.

We advise senior decision makers on designing and implementing services focused on people and outcomes, while making sure those services remaining accountable and become more efficient. We continue to provide local authorities with advisory, tax and assurance services. But have also developed new solutions using our hands-on experience of UK and international best practice. Here are six areas where we can help: 

  • Devolution
  • Economic growth
  • Integration, Care system redesign
  • Financial resilience 
  • Place based transformation
  • Managing future demand 

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Reimagine Local Government

Reimagine Local Government.

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