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Reimagine: Streamlined and intelligent citizen focused services

Reimagine: Streamlined and intelligent citizen focused services

UK Police forces face significant change: public expectations, technology and the nature of crime itself are shifting. The recent announcements on police budgets are welcome but finances remain tight and finding savings to reinvest in new services and capabilities is difficult. Police forces need to look critically at their operations and how they can work alongside other agencies from across the public and private sector. KPMG can help decision makers to reimagine their organisations, thinking about new ways to collaborate to deliver integrated services around public safety and security.

KPMG work  together with police officers and staff to design operating models, implement new technology and create platforms for sharing information. Our knowledgeable team use data to prioritise improvements. They bring well-established techniques used successfully in a variety of police forces to improve frontline performance, change infrastructure and increase efficiency. Most importantly, our teams help police forces develop these skills so that our work is not a one-off but helps empower our clients to continue to adapt and improve outcomes in response to next year’s challenges.

But don’t take our word for it. In 2015 we won the Management Consultancy Association award for our ground breaking work with the Police Service of Northern Ireland. This followed successful recognition of our work with West Midlands Police in 2013 and with Association of Chief Police Officers in 2012. Our team care about policing and they can help. For more information about any of our services, contact our team today.


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