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Social Housing

Reimagine: Streamlined and intelligent tenant focused services

Reimagine: Streamlined and intelligent tenant focused services

Everyone now accepts that we have a desperate housing shortage in England. Each year we build fewer homes than we need, adding to a shortage that has been growing for decades. Each year, social housing providers and local authorities are being asked to cut costs.

The outlook seems bleak, but reimagine: with the right leadership and vision, the national housing shortage could be addressed to help support economic growth and transform communities. 

KPMG – working alongside Shelter – has developed a comprehensive, visionary programme to get the country building the homes it needs. Read our report ‘Building the homes we need’. 

Our dedicated team is a leading provider of audit, tax and advisory services, including business transformation and process improvement.

KPMG is pensions policy adviser to the National Housing Federation. The housing corporate finance team has been involved, in some capacity, in almost all of the UK housing public private partnership transactions over the last ten years, advising on PFI/PPP deals as well as strategic divestments.

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