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Power & Utilities

Power & Utilities

Distinguish opportunities from obstacles as the industry reinvents itself.

Distinguish opportunities from obstacles as the industry reinvents itself.

The UK Power and Utilities industry is facing increasing pressure to reinvent itself. With greater choice and evolving needs, consumers are demanding more from suppliers. Energy demand might not be going away, but acquisitions and partnering are changing the landscape, while policy and regulation changes continue to cause long-term instability. The challenges of climate change, security of supply and population growth all have significant impacts on energy infrastructure planning.

As the market develops, the real winners will be those that adapt in time.

At KPMG, our team of 200 Power and Utilities experts advise across a broad-spectrum of issues. From M&A in the renewables sector through to PR14 for UK-based water companies, our solutions deliver today, while anticipating the challenges of tomorrow.

Our dedicated team of consultants can help your organisation with programme transformation, supply chain strategy, data analysis and workforce optimisation. From smart metering roll out planning, to understanding legislation and incentives for renewable energies, our integrated services will help you distinguish the opportunities from the obstacles.

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