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Scott Ward

Head of the Personal Development Programme for Athletes

KPMG in the UK

Scott Ward is a retired professional footballer forced to retire due to injury with an expertise in strategy, sporting organisations and aligning the performance of the athletes with the requirements of the organisation.

Having experienced sport from both sides of the fence, Scott is best placed to understand the requirements of both the professional athlete and the sports organisation in aligning key objectives against the organisations overall performance while developing the person for life during and after an elite sports career.

Scott has since completed an MBA at Warwick Business School and written papers on athlete transition including the cultural, societal and business environment within sport and professional services. Understanding the motivation behind an individual’s cognitive expantion, self-awareness and personal development be it an athlete, coach or parent. Allowing them to understand their own unique journey to its fullest while liaising with others sharing their own experiences, best practice and support via a flexible global initiative is vital.

Scott has also launched a leading Global Personal Development Programme for Organisations, Athletes, Coaches and Parents designed in a way that allows constant data retrieval on the participant’s performance and engagement in line with the demands of elite sport or pressures experienced within a family unit.

Education and qualifications

  • MBA at Warwick Business School

Areas of expertise

  • Strategy

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