Rethinking Risk

In the past risk was considered an obstacle to be avoided which often resulted in being left behind. In today’s uncertain economic environment, widespread digital disruption and rapidly changing regulatory landscape, status quo is no longer an option. Taking risks is part of business – it’s how you take, select and negotiate those risks that makes the difference between success and failure. To gain competitive advantage companies need a dynamic approach to risk management in order to move faster, act decisively, and be bolder and braver in today's fast-changing conditions.

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Three things golf can teach you about risk management

Risk is like golf. The minute you think you’re winning – that’s when you start losing.

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Compliance: your new secret weapon

Business leaders view legislation as unwanted burden rather than chance to define company.

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Risk-based strategies: Creating opportunities from risk

How to capitalise on disruption? It’s all about a revolution in risk management.

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Fraudsters and how to find them

We consider the circumstances fraudsters thrive in and mechanisms to help stop them.

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Video: How can companies turn risk into advantage?

KPMG's UK Head of Risk Consulting, discusses how to turn risk into an advantage.

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Risk teams are crucial to delivering CEOs’ new agenda

For CEOs to develop more dynamic approach to strategy Chief Risk Officers will be critical

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The Brexit Column: It's not a sprint...

Staying ahead of the pack is all about getting your timing right, says Mark Essex.

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