SPRING is our fresh and dynamic approach to Corporate Responsibility

Our fresh and dynamic approach to Corporate Responsibility

SPRING is KPMG in the UK’s fresh and dynamic approach to Corporate Responsibility, designed to bring to life our social mobility and environmental commitments. Our ultimate aim is to increase understanding of the issues we support and engage our people, suppliers and clients. Together we believe that we can drive real change.

There are three core elements to SPRING:

Understanding of the social mobility and environmental issues we support

We seek to educate our people on how Corporate Responsibility affects them, collectively and at an individual level. Our series of seminars and events brings to life our Corporate Responsibility commitments, for example:

  • employees can journey up onto the roof of our Canary Wharf office to get acquainted with our 40,000 urban bees
  • they can attend a stimulating policy debate examining the causes underlying the UK’s housing crisis
  • or they can come together to share best practice with fellow school governors or charity trustees. 

These stimulating, bite-size sessions are inspiring even more of our people to SPRING into action and share their skills.

A simple online system to make it easy for our volunteers to get involved

We are an increasingly mobile firm and with many of our people out and about on the road, it is vital that our offerings are available on demand. We have developed a SPRING volunteering portal, providing a one-stop-shop for all of our volunteering opportunities.

A dedicated community space in KPMG offices

Bursting with engaging multimedia content and creative installations, it provides a space for colleagues, clients and our community partner organisations to find out more about the social mobility and environmental issues we support, the latest volunteering opportunities available and the impact of our work. It is a centre for collaboration used for delivering workshops; holding mentoring sessions; and hosting seminars or receptions.

Our investment in SPRING demonstrates our continued commitment to improving social mobility across the UK and managing our environmental footprint.

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