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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

We pride ourselves on being a responsible business

We pride ourselves on being a responsible business

Corporate Responsibility at KPMG

Everything we do at KPMG is about unlocking potential, whether it’s for our clients, our people, our suppliers or wider society. It’s clear to us these issues require collaboration between business, government and civil society organisations to find sustainable solutions. 

We want to be at the forefront of this collaborative effort and be known as a responsible company that helps businesses, charities and people reach their full potential, and contributes towards a sustainable future.


KPMG’s values lie at the heart of our governance. They define our culture, and express our commitment to the highest principles of personal and professional conduct. 

Our corporate responsibility policies and practices cover all our stakeholders - clients, communities, suppliers and employees - as well as the environment and human rights issues.


SPRING is KPMG’s fresh and dynamic approach to Corporate Responsibility, designed to bring to life our social mobility and environmental commitments.

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