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Tax Diagnostics

Tax Diagnostics

Tax Diagnostics

Tax Diagnostics

Tax Diagnostics is an effective and easy tool for the C-Suite professionals managing businesses in Ukraine to timely identify, assess and effectively manage and/or eliminate the tax risks associated with the activities and tax positions of a Ukrainian company before these theoretical tax risks result in specific tax assessments.


Our approach

  • We are flexible in defining the scope and pricing of our work to meet your needs and expectations.
  • We may focus on the tax treatment of specific transactions/series of transactions or analysis of a specific tax, duty or levy.
  • We may perform a full- or a limited-scope tax diagnostics of a Ukrainian company.


Who benefits from Tax Diagnostics?

You can benefit from the Tax Diagnostics if:

  1. Your company in Ukraine was not audited by the Ukrainian tax authorities for the last three years and more.
  2. Your company in Ukraine reports significant tax losses and/or VAT refund.
  3. You consider liquidating or liquidate the Ukrainian company and, consequently, this company is subject to a mandatory pre-liquidation tax audit.
  4. Your company in Ukraine outsources the tax compliance function and you want to double-check the quality of these services.
  5. You have doubts and/or concerns as to whether all frequent and rapid changes to the Ukrainian tax and regulatory environment are properly factored in calculating and reporting the Ukrainian taxes.

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