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Tax and Accounting Group

Our high skilled tax and accounting professionals have deep understanding of the specifics of Ukrainian and international business processes.

Tax and Accounting Group includes high skilled tax and accounting professionals.

The Ukrainian companies operate in a continually turbulent business environment with constantly changing and complicated tax and accounting systems. To avoid adverse tax penalties for the business as well as administrative and criminal responsibilities for the management it is strongly recommended to engage tax and accounting professionals when any concerns on the tax treatment of specific business transactions or on overall tax compliance arise.

Our Tax and Accounting Group includes high skilled tax and accounting professionals with deep understanding of the specifics of Ukrainian and internationally - structured business processes. Extensive knowledge of the tax jurisprudence and of the practical implications of the Ukrainian tax laws bring us combination of expertise and understanding of the tax authorities thinking. This proactive approach helps our clients to mitigate tax risks and put in place relevant policies and procedures allowing to avoid such tax risks on a go forward basis.


Do you face this?

  • Ambiguity of tax or accounting legislation
  • Controversial and legislatively unsettled tax or accounting treatment of business transactions
  • Upcoming or recurrent tax audits of the Ukrainian tax authorities
  • Issues of the Ukrainian CIT and accounting harmonization starting 1 January 2015
  • Concerns on deductibility and VAT treatment of intercompany charges
  • Different treatments of the transactions under the Ukrainian GAAP and IFRS (or U.S.GAAP) that may lead to adverse CIT implications
  • Concerns on tax and accounting treatment of marketing, administrative and certain other expenses
  • Doubts in potential adverse Ukrainian tax, accounting or legal consequences of applying new accounting or ERP software


We offer expertise in:

  • Full or limited scope tax audits of the tax reporting of the Ukrainian businesses
  • Identifying areas of potential tax concern and assessment of the potential tax risks
  • Recommendations on how the tax risks may be eliminated, mitigated or properly managed
  • Pre-filing tax review of the tax reporting (CIT, VAT, other)
  • Assistance in structuring of the document process confirming accounting and tax records and declarations figures
  • Assistance during implementation of the new accounting (e.g., SAP) or ERP systems aimed at achieving of compliance with the Ukrainian accounting and tax rules
  • Consulting on tax and accounting treatment and tax effective structuring of the client’s business transactions
  • Assistance in drafting official requests to the Ukrainian state authorities, e.g. the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine on the accounting and tax treatment of the legislatively unsettled matters
  • Drafting or amending of Accounting Policies, internal orders and policies, other primary documents sufficient for the accounting and tax purposes
  • Trainings on the tax matters
  • Tax management services
  • Deferred tax calculations


Your value:

  • Clear understanding of your business’s tax position
  • Identification of tax risks and areas of tax concern before the Ukrainian tax authorities’ audit
  • Possibility to mitigate or properly adjust the identified tax risks before they crystallize into additional tax charges and penalties
  • Fine-tuning of the accounting records and primary (supporting) documents before the tax authorities’ audit
  • Identification of tax saving opportunities
  • Tailor-made approaches to withstand the tax challenges and maximize tax efficiency opportunities
  • Your personal team of multi-skilled tax professionals with strong knowledge of the tax laws and extended practical experience
  • Increase in efficiency of running the business in Ukraine
  • Time and cost saving

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