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Services on accounting policy development

Services on accounting policy development

A reliable tool for mitigation of tax risks

A reliable tool for mitigation of tax risks

Accounting policy benefits:

  • Mitigation of risks related to challenging accounting approaches by the tax authorities
  • Transparency in accounting and mitigation of tax risks
  • Verification of accounting calculations in determining financial result before tax

Tax risks associated with absence of accounting policy

  • Ambiguous tax treatment of transactions
  • Challenging expenses, assessment of additional tax liabilities and related penalties
  • Disputes with the tax authorities related to cost of goods, work, and services; reserves and provisions; depreciation and amortization; foreign exchange differences; fixed assets; and other items of financial statements

We can help you:

  1. Review the existing accounting policies, methodology for financial and tax accounting and preparation of financial statements compliance with Ukrainian National Accounting Standards and tax legislation
  2. Identify and eliminate (minimize) tax risks arising from non-compliance with Ukrainian legislation
  3. Draft an accounting policy or improve the existing one
  4. Adjust corporate accounting policies and procedures to Ukrainian legislation

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