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Advise on customs issues

Advise on customs issues

The flow of goods across borders continues to increase as companies expand their network of suppliers, buy and sell goods around the world. To avoid costly delays, hassles at the border, keeping up on the latest rules and procedures is critical.


KPMG Ukraine can help ensure you not only stay compliant wherever you operate in one or many countries, but that you gain long-term value and reduce risk by getting the most out of your transaction data.

Working with a global network of international trade and customs professionals, you can address potential risks associated with cross-border shipping and transactions. The appropriate range of KPMG services covers all types of customs and excise duties, import and export services.


You should be interested in our services if:

  • You are a Ukrainian producer/distributor planning to expand your business, export goods/services or modify supply-chain 
  • You plan to import goods/services into Ukraine and minimize tax burden
  • Your business have already faced any risks regarding customs issues


Our team of tax professionals can help you:

  • Identify customs and supply chain efficiencies
  • Develop customs policy
  • Build a step-plan aimed at minimizing your customs duties
  • Assist with a full range of customs valuation issues
  • Manage tax audits and liaison with the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine on behalf of our clients



  • Working relationships with tax and customs authorities
  • More than 1000 successful projects in Ukraine
  • Ability to involve tax professionals in 155 countries for your business needs

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