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VAT Structuring

VAT Structuring

VAT compliance is known as the process of preparing and filing VAT returns. In Ukraine, however, it takes more than that.


VAT may account for a substantial share of a company’s turnover and may raise significant risks for all businesses. Ukrainian filing and payment deadlines are very short. KPMG in Ukraine has vast experience in supporting businesses in various VAT matters.


KPMG can help you to:

  • advise on any VAT issues arising from your current business needs
  • optimize VAT cash flows and mitigate unnecessary VAT loss throughout the supply chain
  • perform VAT review of your main activities
  • identify and assess possible tax risks and implications and advise on ways of mitigation of such risks (if any)
  • prepare necessary documentation
  • conduct the ongoing tax support
  • review your business contracts on VAT risks



  • Working relationships with tax and customs authorities
  • More than 1000 successful projects in Ukraine
  • Ability to involve tax professionals in 155 countries for your business needs

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