Accounting outsourcing & tax compliance

Accounting outsourcing & tax compliance

KPMG proposes you an efficient outsourcing tool that can help businesses free up valuable time to focus on core business activities.

KPMG proposes you an efficient outsourcing tool.

With over 22,000 tax professionals located in offices in 144 countries, KPMG has the global mindset and cross-border reach, combined with the local experience, to meet our clients’ compliance needs wherever they choose to do business, both now and in the future.


Managing tax and statutory compliance in today’s highly complex economic and regulatory environment is not an easy task and one which you do not need when your business enters into a new and unknown market. 

KPMG proposes you an efficient outsourcing tool that can help businesses free up valuable time to focus on core business activities such as business logistics, marketing and sales, strategic planning and business support.


Why consider outsourcing?

New, tough, wide-ranging regulations have propelled management into the corporate spotlight – forcing companies to pay even closer attention to compliance with local country tax laws. Increased scrutiny results in a greater demand for more and better information – often under shorter deadlines.

Outsource and take advantage of the benefits of accounting outsourcing and tax compliance:

  • enjoying high-quality accounting and reporting services at a cost-effective price;
  • filling the knowledge gap that may exist when operating in several locations and under different tax regimes;
  • managing tax risks via access to our expertise, experience and knowledge covering all aspects of accounting and tax functions.


How KPMG could help?

Our leadership team is among the best in this field and we start by fully understanding your needs, objectives, systems, culture and then assess your tax risks. We then help your back-office to work smoothly and without a hitch while your taxes and your statutory reporting are taken care of by the experts.

Our services include:

  • assistance with the accounting function set-up and statutory accounting consulting (review of the client’s existing accounting policies and processes);
  • accounting outsourcing and tax compliance;
  • management reporting (including transformation from local GAAP to IFRS);
  • payroll services (including executive payroll) and HR administration (including recruitment);
  • pre-filing review of draft tax returns (all relevant taxes);
  • recovery of statutory/tax accounts;
  • assistance with ERP system implementation (specifically, the ERP’s tax module);
  • support before, during and after tax audits;
  • outstaffing/secondment services;
  • tax management services (review of the client’s existing tax function processes, roles and responsibilities, resources and skills;
  • compare those with the industry “best practices”;
  • advise on the opportunities for performance improvement.


  • We implement a tailor-made communication style to meet the needs of both your local and overseas management;
  • we think beyond just the numbers and the immediate processing to understand the impact on strategic operational drivers of your business, timely diagnose your risks, and avoid surprises;
  • we possess years of experience of successful assistance with building up of efficient internal accounting and tax functions;
  • we provide data security and confidentiality.

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