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KPMG Research "2015 Change Readiness Index"

KPMG Research "2015 Change Readiness Index"

The Change Readiness Index (CRI) ranks 127 countries, both developed and developing, by assessing their ability to manage change and cultivate opportunity.


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This report provides the high-level results of the 2015 Change Readiness Index (CRI), and the background behind its construction and calculation. It also features analysis on the correlation between change readiness and resource riches, income equality, and a country’s size. Since 2012, the CRI has evolved to become a key tool that provides reliable, independent and robust information to support the work of governments, civil society institutions, businesses and the international development community.

  • Index tool
  • Executive summary
  • Is a society with greater income equality better prepared for change?
  • Resource riches are no guarantee of change readiness
  • Methodology
  • Primary and secondary sources
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