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Oleg Chayka elected Co-Chair of the ACC Tax Committee

Oleg Chayka elected Co-Chair of the ACC Tax Commi...

Oleg Chayka, Director of KPMG in Ukraine Tax and Legal, Head of M&А Tax Group, was elected Co-Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce Tax Committee.


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Oleg Chayka is a reputable expert on tax issues in Ukraine, who takes active part in workgroups of the American Chamber of Commerce and in the legislative process. His vision of the key goals and strategies of the Tax Committee for the 2015 year is as follows: “The priority goal for the next year is working closely with the Ukrainian government, parliament and tax experts on enhancing the Tax Code and fixing the most outrageous tax issues. We should also focus on such issues as initiating discussions of the new tax policy priorities for Ukraine following the recent tax reform in Ukraine; soliciting and ensuring open discussions of new tax initiatives and products which are worth implementing (e.g., on corporate governance and tax risk management in Ukraine); ensuring that the Tax Committee remains an effective information sharing and problem-solving tax forum for AmCham members”.

The Tax Committee was formed in February 1999 to act as a forum and lobby group for tax issues affecting members. The overall aim of the Committee is to promote the reform and improved application of the taxation system in Ukraine. The Committee consists of 25 "regulars" from professional advisory firms and business entities.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine is the most active and effective non-government, non-profit business association operating in Ukraine. One of the principal activities of the Chamber is to represent the foreign investment community as well as to facilitate the entrance of potential new investors into this market. Over the past 19 years the Chamber has been actively cooperating with the Ukrainian authorities to improve the business environment and attract domestic and foreign investment to the Ukrainian economy.

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