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Art therapy of the artist Alyona Scherbyna in KPMG office

Art therapy of the artist Alyona Scherbyna in KPM...

On November 27, 2014 a master class of art therapy of the artist Alena Scherbyna was held in KPMG Kyiv office. The event was dedicated to the opening of the author's painting exhibition "Ukraine. Reboot."


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The guests and KPMG had a possibility to be acquainted with Alena Scherbyna painting and learn how to manage one’s emotional state using relaxation techniques of art therapy.

A peculiarity of the event was the unification of the representatives from various spheres at one KPMG event. Among the guests there were: artist Viktor Khomenko, artist-ceramist Rustem Skibin, suppliers Bahnu Sakhni (Silk Route), Konstantin and Rimma Kozhemyiaka (ArtHuss), executive director of the Ukrainian Association of Direct Sales Nadiya Bedrychuk, KPMG employees and the author of exhibition Alyona Scherbyna.


Alyona Sherbyna said: "My contribution to the development of society, as an artist, lies in my work, because if thoughts are material, then materialized images become positive for everyone. If the viewer believes me, my work was not in vain. More faith, hope and love – this is what we all need.


Alyona Scherbyna is an artist by vocation and profession. She has two art education diplomas in "Book graphics" and "Interior design".

Exhibitions of Ms. Scherbyna:

  • 2001 – "Artist" Gallery, "Vernissage of Young Artists".
  • 2001 – Social Service of Podol Youth, exhibition of young graphic artists.
  • 2002 – Gallery "Irene", a solo exhibition.
  • 2003 – Art-club "44", a solo exhibition. 2007 – Art-club "44", a solo exhibition.
  • 2008 – Foundation for the Arts, a solo exhibition.
  • 2009 – Gallery "Papye-mache", a solo exhibition.

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