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State procurement in Ukraine: what has changed and what changes to expect – KPMG in Ukraine expert views

State procurement in Ukraine: what has changed an...

Senior Consultant at KPMG in Ukraine Tatyana Kheruvimova has prepared a thorough review of legal regulation of state procurement in Ukraine, and the expected changes related to the signing of the EU Association Agreement and the forthcoming accession of Ukraine to the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement. Expert article "State procurement in Ukraine: what has changed and what changes to expect," was published in the prestigious international edition "Bridges. Analytics and news about trade and sustainable development" as of October 2014.


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"Ukraine after WTO accession and ratification of the EU Association Agreement has committed to make its market open and the public procurement process – transparent. But only if there is the will and control of public authorities for the adoption of improved procedures of state procurement, the opening of market in the framework of the EU association will attract the small and medium-sized businesses to the process and will help the Ukrainian society to overcome corruption, and businesses to enter international markets” – said Tatiana Kheruvimova.

The full version of the article is published at link (in Russian).

For reference: "Bridges" is a global platform for knowledge and information sharing, the leading source of news and analysis on issues of international trade and sustainable development. Published by ICTSD (International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, Geneva, Switzerland).

You are welcome to address for additional information to Alina Sevastyuk, Chief Operating Officer, Markets, at KPMG in Ukraine.

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