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KPMG in Ukraine supported EUEA Investment Forum

KPMG in Ukraine supported EUEA Investment Forum

KPMG in Ukraine sponsored Investment Forum of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA), which was held on October 7 in Kiev. The Forum became a platform for the meeting of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses from the regions of Ukraine, working in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency with the representatives of international financial institutions and investment companies.


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The forum was organized with the participation of Ukrainian enterprises that plan to develop the business of renewable energy, such as wind, solar business, biogas technology, incineration, etc., as well as international financial institutions interested in similar projects and ready for their funding in Ukraine. In particular, the forum was attended by the representatives of international organizations such as the EBRD, the World Bank, the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO), and the Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU), as well as representatives of the Ukrainian banks Oschadbank and Ukragsbank.

Yuriy Shved, Senior Manager of Transactions and Restructuring at KPMG in Ukraine, took part in a session with representatives of international financial institutions. Session became a platform for discussion of issues of interest to business based on their current projects and the latest information on funding opportunities.

In particular, Yuriy Shved commented on the event: "KPMG in Ukraine sponsored this forum, since the theme is very interesting and promising for the economy of Ukraine. The most essential part of the forum was devoted to communication between the financial institutions participating in the financing of projects in this area, and in fact, entrepreneurs. Now, unfortunately, not many organizations are willing to fund such projects in Ukraine, however, the prospects are quite encouraging, given the presence of significant resources in hydro and bioenergy sectors. We hope such projects in future will become more widespread, and therefore will increase the demand for financial advisors among the players in this sector.”

In his turn, David Ceschia, EUEA Interim Director, Integrated CIM Expert, noted: “The EUEA Investment Forum has been an initiative organized to answer those many questions received from various Ukrainian small and medium businesses, interested in the financing possibilities for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy projects. Through this event EUEA has given the possibility to actively involve such business professionals with IFI representatives operating in Ukraine and to create a dynamic discussion platform in which participants have been able to obtain relevant information about options and procedures needed to eventually obtain financing for their projects. EUEA hopes that through this event, and the many others to come, it will contribute to a successful path toward a more energy efficient and energy independent Ukraine. I would like to personally thank KPMG, for the support to this initiative, as well as IFI representatives and all the participants who travelled from all parts of Ukraine for taking the time to share information and contribute to the success of this important EUEA event!”

You are welcome to address for additional information to Alina Sevastyuk, Chief Operating Officer, Markets, at KPMG in Ukraine (+380 (44) 490 5507).

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