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Kids from the Social Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children in Slavutych pay another visit to Kiev

Kids from the Social Rehabilitation Center for Di...

This time the boys and girls went to the Aquarium and had a boat trip along the Dnieper River. They were accompanied by KPMG volunteers during all their adventures.


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On 14 June our young friends from the Social Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children in Slavutych once again came to Kiev in response to the KPMG invitation. As always, our colleagues scheduled a fascinating educational and entertainment program for the boys and girls. Yuliya Nogovitsyna, member of the CSR Committee and coordinator for the Social Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children in Slavutych assistance programmes, says: “I believe that everybody had a good time – both the children, their mentors and volunteers.”

To make this visit possible, KPMG in Ukraine allocated approximately 7000 UAH, with another 6033 UAH donated by the firm’s employees.

The day started with a visit to the Aquarium where the kids observed exotic fish and other marine creatures – turtles, skates, sea urchins, sharks and alligators. Afterwards everybody had lunch in a café, before making their way to the river port, where the kids were met by the Alpy vessel for a one-hour boat trip along the Dnieper River. The surprises did not end there: on board the children were met by the clown Dasha, who proposed fun games. After the games, the kids enjoyed another treat: face painting. The clown Dasha drew fancy patterns on the faces and hands of the children – soon our colleagues-volunteers also took up paints and brushes: some of them drew flowers and hearts on little cheecks, while others simply drew abstract patterns. In any case, the kids were simply happy!

Prior to their departure back to Slavutych, the volunteers gave every participant on the trip a bar of dark chocolate that had been provided free of charge by Nestle, as well as other sweet treats and presents (including the sweets for the other wards of the Social Rehabilitation Center, who were unable to come to Kiev this time).

Alina Degtiariova and Olivia Ramanankavana from the Donetsk office, who happened to be in Kiev and joined the event, shared their impressions: “We turned up for the meeting with the kids with a heavy heart, understanding that the children are sick, and assumed that it would be difficult. However, everything was so emotional – we received enormous pleasure from this experience! It was extremely touching to receive the little gifts that the kids had made themselves. We would repeat this wonderful day with pleasure!” Incidentally, it is pleasant to note that there were many male volunteers this time: it was a rare, but important experience for the children, who are generally surrounded by women (educators, teachers, mothers), to communicate with representatives of the stronger sex.

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